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Custom Fine Finishing Services

Professionals Who Are Experienced In Traditional Finishing, Continually Developing New Techniques, And The Knowledge To Provide The Best Suited Coatings For Your Project.

You can create drastically different atmospheres simply by how you choose your finishing options. From warm and inviting, to cool and minimalistic, finishing will be the single biggest factor in how your project looks and feels.



Adding colour and character to different kinds of wood. We use both pigments and dyes to enhance the woods natural beauty and protect it with multiple coats of sealers and clear coats. Get a quote.

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Giving personality to everything using colours. Multiple coats of sealers and primers provide the base coat and hide any fillers or repair work, while our two part conversion enamel paint provides the final coat of colour and protection. Everything from classic white to hot pink. Get a quote.

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Antiqued Finishes

Giving the appearance of age and elegance with the comfort of knowing your project was finished with the latest and most advanced products and techniques.Get a quote.

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Worn, Aged, and Specialty Finishes

Existing usually only in pictures or in magazines, we have amazing resources for the unique and the luxurious when it comes to finishes. Liquid metal, gold leafing, mirroring, and patinas are just the start of an endless combination of extraordinary finishes. Get a quote.

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Specialty Wood Finishing

Protective Coatings for Artwork

Depending on what substrate and medium you're using we can usually find you the right coating for protecting your artwork without hiding it behind a frame and glass.Get a quote.

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Custom Colour Matching

matching colours and making new ones is what makes your project unique to you. While we have lots of colours to choose from were always up for the challenge of matching a colour or finish with your vision.Get a quote.

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Custom Colour Matching
Exotic Finishing

Refinishing and Repainting

Whether it's changing the colour of your kitchen instead of replacing it, or just updating your favourite piece of furniture, refinishing and restoring are also specialties of ours.Get a quote.

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European Style Finishes

For oils, waxes, and hybrid finishes we often look to the European industry for the latest advancements, most effective products and greenest solutions.Get a quote.

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European Finishes
High Gloss & Polished Finishes

High Gloss and Polished Finishes

A trademark of modern and contemporary interior design, high polished and high gloss finishes provide a level of sophistication and luxury to your project and space.Get a quote.

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Interior/Exterior Doors and Units

Interior/Exterior Doors and Units

Exotic and Specialty

Exotic and Specialty